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Dietethica creator Life/Raw Food chef Den Koro are world known expert on natural healing techniques, and been a LifeFood chef, educator, scientist and artist for almost a decade, helping people around the world to Develop, Create, Organize and Implement Raw/Life Food Kitchens and Restaurant of various specifics and needs. He worked with many notable leaders of the Raw LifeFood movement in the US and owned the largest LifeFood catering business in New York City for about 5 years. Currently, he trains chefs in techniques of Gourmet Raw/Life Food across the US, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Australia and Europe. Among his clients are:

David Wolfe Seminars/Retreats -,
Gabriel Cousens Seminars in NY -,
Love Your Liver Retreats -,
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York -,
Jubb’s Longevity Delicatessen, New York -,
Pure Food and Wine Restaurant, New York - ,
Dragon Fly Ranch and Healing Art Center, Hawaii -,
Sierra Café Tokyo, Japan,
The Spa Resort Koh Samui, Thailand – ,
Chiva-Som International Health Resort , Thailand -,
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary/ Holistic Spa, Thailand -,
Finca Rio Limon Retreat Center, Puerto Rico –,
Life Food Organics, Melbourne, Australia –,
WorldsNest/SoulVegetarian, Los Angeles, CA –,
Great Jones Spa, New York, NY – ,

various Art openings and Life/Raw Food Seminars – Shows 2000-2009, etc.
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Den is helping to make the best food choices available to the people World Wide.

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